How Ayush Sharma, a mechanic’s son made it to the prestigious MIT with full scholarship

ayush sharma

MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a dream destination for many aspiring engineers across the world. But, only a handful of exceptionally talented students could make it to the MIT. Here comes a candidate this year who has not only made it to this prestigious institute, but he made it with a full scholarship to the tune of Rs 1 crore. Yes, Ayush Sharma, son of a mechanic from Kanpur is the candidate whom MIT will welcome this year with a full scholarship.

At his school, Kendriya Vidyalaya inside the IIT-Kanpur campus, no one had ever doubted 17 years old Ayush’s talents. But perhaps no one had expected MIT. Even it’s nothing less than a dream for himself.

I had heard a lot about MIT in my school. I came across many path-breaking researches its students and professors were doing. As I am one of the three people selected from across the country, I am feeling elated,’ said Ayush.

Ayush’s father Rakesh Sharma is a mechanic with the Public Works department and his mother Manju Lata Sharma retired as a constable with the Central Reserve Police Force. Ayush was lucky to study in the school inside the IIT campus. Because, at his school, he joined Avanti, a coaching program run by the IIT students and alumnus for children from lower income group.

With the efforts from Avanti, Ayush got selected for Yale University’s prestigious Global Scholars Program last year. It was there at Yale University’s Global Scholars Program; Ayush was completely transformed and made his mind to go to the world’s top university for his undergraduate studies.

Ayush wishes to transform the whole education system and make a real impact on the society. As he is looking forward to his new endeavor, he too looks back at the sacrifices made by his parents for him.

My parents and my mentors have supported me all along. They have gone through a lot of hardships because of me. I want to pay them back.


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