Ayesha Noor, a new bright star in the field of martial art

ayesha noor

After seeing 19-year-old Ayesha Noor’s performance in the ring, no one would dare to think that she fought extreme poverty and epilepsy to win the gold medal at the Thai Pitchai International Youth Karate Championship in Thailand.

She is a completely different personality once she hits the ring and the fighter in her takes over. Noor’s journey from the humble shanty in the Padmapukur area of South Kolkata to the international youth karate championship in Thailand has been arduous yet exemplary. She had to fight a dual battle of ill health and poverty. Noor has suffered epileptic fits from her childhood and could not even continue with her education due to it. M A Ali, Noor’s coach.

Ayesha Noor lives in a one room house in Kolkata. Her father died five years ago. Ayesha’s elder brother dropped out of school to be a local daily-wage earner, since there was no source of income. Noor took the sport of karate, with some financial support from sports clubs and individuals. Despite her poor health Noor practiced regularly for hours.

Black belt Ayesha had won three gold medals in state and national karate championships in 2012. After that she headed to Thailand, where she was the only girl among the 12 member team. Every Sunday, Ayesha helps her coach to teach karate to girls free of cost at a nearby park. It is a campaign called ‘Mission Against Rape and Crime’, started by her coach M A Ali.

Ayesha Noor’s inspiring story became a part of a documentary, made by The Independent Television Service (ITVS) in the USA. The documentary will tell personal stories of five young women from five countries and Ayesha is the only Indian featured in the documentary. In Arabic, Noor means light and Ayesha seems define her name too well. But this little light needs lots of support from everyone to keep shining always like this.


Image Credit: manorama


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