‘Rising Tide Car Wash’ employs people with autism, now a model for other businesses


There are many people in our society who are suffering from autism. But have we ever thought about the challenges faced by these people, in dealing with the autism and other challenges of life? Well, unemployment ratio among this spectrum is around 90%. Because of the unavailability of resources or even employment options, many people with autism are forced to live at home or in an institution.

John and Tom D’Eria, a father-son duo started a car washing business in 2013 to provide employment for John’s autistic son, Andrew. The business idea arose after Tom D’Eri saw the alarming unemployment statistics of people with autism. Hence, they decided to employ people with autism and now, 80% of their employees are autistic.

John and Tom spent nearly two years researching the best job options for the people with autism. They finally found that car wash was the best option. They also believed that car washing would spread positive message to the public showcasing that people with autism can also be a part of a profitable workforce.

We as a society look at autism as a disability that requires sympathy, instead of a diversity that can be valuable in the workplace. More employers should see the value in hiring people with autism, said Tom.

By 2016, they hope to expand the business to three other locations and to employ more than 150 workers on the autism spectrum. Rising Tide has shown the path to the society; so now its our turn to change our mindset towards autism.




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