#I’llRideWithYou campaign, an unbelievable act of humanity during the Australian hostage crisis

australian hostage

On 15th December 2014, when the whole world was glued to the television watching the Australian hostage crisis and lamenting the religious extremism, a silent but strong revolution was under-way on the social media.

It all started with a young woman in Sydney, Rachel Jacobs who saw a fellow female commuter silently removing her Hizab for the fear of backlash by other social communities against Muslims after a few terrorists of the community had taken everyone in a cafe as hostage. It is natural for incidents like these to increase tension, suspicion and hatred among communities, precisely what the terrorists want. But little did these terrorists knew that humanity is the strongest bond that connects all humans and transcends the boundaries of religion. This bond of humanity, the love of one human for other, made Rachael run after that Muslim woman and she said to her, ‘Put it back on. I’ll walk with you’.

When she put this incident on Twitter, this gesture of humanity went viral. Entire Australia openly came out in support of Muslims with more than 90000 ‘I’ll Walk With You’ hashtags offering them to accompany to home or to work if they feel afraid or insecure. The Muslims were pleasantly surprised with the gesture and reciprocated with warm thanks for the overwhelming support of the people. This finest act of humanity clearly defines that for every one person who comes to spread hatred, hundreds emerge to spread love.

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