Ashok Deshmane quit his high paying IT job to adopt and educate the children of drought affected farmers

ashok deshmane

Ashok Deshmane was born in a farmer’s family in a small village called Mangrul in the Parbhani district of Maharashtra. Ashok had a tough childhood; he had seen all the difficult phases that normally a farmer’s family goes through. That was the key reason for which Ashok founded Snehwan, an NGO that takes complete responsibility of the children of the farmers.

Ashok’s father started doing tailoring when it became difficult to survive on farming alone. Ashok has well expressed the sufferings of the farmers like his father through his poetry.

Poetry was my only medium of dealing with the pain. But that was when I didn’t know how else I could help the farmers. I soon realized that my poetry was worthless if I did not do something to change the situation I was writing about. I understood, early on in my teens, that it was possible for farmers to get out of the vicious cycle they were caught in if they were educated. So, I started teaching their kids for free.

ashok deshmane

Ashok knew that in order to help the farmers, he needs to educate himself first. To support his own education, he started working with a transport company. After a tremendous struggle, Ashok finally completed his Bachelor’s in Computer Science and later a Master’s in Computer Science. Afterwards, he got a well-paying job in a software company in Pune. He continued his visits to the village and help the children with their studies. Not only this, Ashok also started teaching the children of street vendors in Pune on weekends.

After completing five years of work, Ashok decided to quit his job and devote full time to the children. But, on his boss’s suggestion he continued to work in the night shifts. In 2015, he registered his NGO Snehwan. Soon, Ashok realized that along with other basic facilities, children need emotional support too. So in 2016, he finally quit his job.

ashok deshmane

Snehwan is now the home and the school for the children of marginalized and drought-affected farmers. Snehwan has 25 kids, between the age group of 9 -14 years. Most of these kids have never been to school before.

Ashok’s devotion and hard work paved its ways; the children at Snehwan can now read, write and use computer etc. Ashok believes that education is the key!! Even during the drought, some farmers remained unaffected, because they had the knowledge.  Hence, Ashok Deshmane is putting all his efforts to provide best of the best opportunities to these deprived children, so that they can deal with the farming problems with their knowledge.


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Contact address – Snehwan 186, hanuman colony 2, chakrapani vasahat, near hanuman temple Bhosari, Pune-39, Maharashtra, India. Email at [email protected] Or call at +91-8796400484 / +91-823 727 7615 to help these kids.

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