Arsh Shah Dilbagi’s incredible invention made him the only finalist from Asia in Google Science Fair

arsh shah dilbagi talk google science fair

A 16 year old genius from India has made his way to be one of the 15 Google Science Fair 2014 global finalists. This uprising young star is Arsh Shah Dilbagi, who made India proud by developing a device called ‘Talk’ that enables people to communicate with the help of their breath and finally converting it into speech. Arsh Shah Dilbagi is the only finalist from Asia in Google Science Fair 2014.

This device is a helpful tool for the people having developmental disabilities like Locked-In Syndrome and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or speech impairments like Dysarthria.

Approximately 1.4% of the world population suffers from such disorders, which is more than the population of Germany, says Arsh

The device functions by using signals from a person’s breath via Morse code. The code is then picked up by a sensor and is converted into speech. The device has two modes – one which communicates in English, and the other which provides specific commands and phrases. The commands are communicated via nine different voices and can even be set according to gender and age.

TALK – Converting Breath to Speech for the Disabled


Arsh Shah Dilbagi, a student of DAV Public School, Panipat said- ‘About 1.4% people in the world, which amounts to a hundred million people, suffer from developmental disabilities. Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices available in the market are very expensive, slow, bulky and not generic. I decided to find a better solution – an AAC device which is faster, portable and generic and costs only USD 80 (Rs 5000), making it affordable to the large population.’

Arsh, who is popularly known as Robo, was honoured by the then President of India, Pratibha Patil, for developing a working prototype of an Autonomous UGV in 2012. Arsh has won the Indian Robot Olympiad at the National Level in 2010 and the Regional Level in 2011. He also won the First Lego League at the Regional Level in the same year.

The economic and user-friendly device has many advantages over other devices. It is simple to use and thus increases the speaking rate and most importantly it is portable and affordable.

An admirer of author Isaac Asimov and physicist Stephen Hawking, this young genius looks up to Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs for combining technology with art.

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