Stop worrying, start tracking your kid’s school bus with Locatera, an award-winning mobile app

arjun s kumar

Finally, parents won’t have to worry about their kids, if they reach home late by school bus for any reason. All thanks to Arjun S. Kumar, who has developed a mobile app – Locatera, to make an end to the distress among parents.

The idea struck Arjun, when he once reached home late due to heavy rainfall and that made his parents worried. He realized that most of the parents go through the same situation. It was then that he decided to solve this pain-point and developed Locatera. Using his father’s Smartphone, Arjun came to know about the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)’s programming tool-App Inventor and started developing apps on the platform.

Locatera, an award-winning school transport management solution that helps schools to manage their convoy of buses in a more efficient way through a ‘tri-app’ methodology. The app has three different modules, for parents, school admins, and bus attendants. Based on their credentials they get access to different dashboards with different functions.

Students need to scan or swipe quick response code-based or near field communication-powered ID cards through the bus attendant’s Smartphone, while getting on and off the bus. Parents and school can then track the activity. They can easily get access to students log-in and log-out details and bus transport reports and know if the bus is on time or if there is a delay. With the help of the app, schools can also plan, schedule, and re-schedule bus routes. Locatera aims to replace manual attendance taking on buses and leverage technology to make the lives of bus attendants, parents, and school authorities easier.

Arjun S. Kumar is the recipient of the ‘National Child Award for Exceptional Achievements for Computer Technology (2014). For Locatera, Arjun won the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)’s ‘App of the Month (Best Design) 2015 award and Google India Code to Learn Contest 2015.


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