A woman’s creativity to light up a bag to light up the lives of slum children

anusheela saha

According to a study, Indian schools have a 40 percent dropout rate at the elementary level, which is an alarming figure. Due to frequent power cuts, children living in slums aren’t able to study at night; which is one of the major causes of the dropout. A brilliant idea came to 34-year-old creative designer Anusheela Saha, to deal up with the situation. She decided to design a solution – ‘Light Bag’, a solar-powered backpack that has a built-in lamp.

Most of Delhi’s slums have frequent power cuts which means children do their homework under candlelight or kerosene lamps.The flickering light not only makes it difficult for them to study but eventually leads to losing interest in studies and even dropping out of schools, says Anusheela Saha.

The motive behind her invention was to give the children their very own study unit. The bags have solar panels attached to the sides, which can be charged while the students walk to school or even while playing outside. Anusheela imports the solar panels from China since local panels are heavy. As a result the bag weighs just 600gm and is easy to carry.


Till now, more than 30 bags have been distributed for free. The first batch was produced with funding from an NGO, working for the education of the poor children. Anusheela Saha hopes that her invention will change the way kids think about their studies. Anusheela also hopes that with more contributions, her invention can reach out to the rural India and will give students a reason to stay in school.


Image Credit: newindianexpress



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