Secrets of a happy life – Learn from animation movies

Animation movies always come up with sensible stories that can touch our heart very easily. If we put ourselves into the thought process of these movies, we will find them very sensible and realistic. Animation movies make us believe in promises, adventures and true fantasies that real world fails to give. These movies bring us positivity and respect towards the feelings that are generally seemed to be suppressed.

Here are such five beautiful animation movies that have the secret ingredients for the recipe called Happy Life.’

All you need is to trust – How to train your dragon

animation movies how to train your dragon

Friendship and trust is like flipping the same coin. Trust is the foundation of great friendship. That’s what one can see in the movie ‘How to train your dragon’. The movie is about the bond of love and trust between Viking boy Hiccup and his dragon, Toothless. Although their relation started with a myth and belief of hatred and enmity, but gradually it turned into good friendship. Through trust and friendship, Hiccup was able to ride the dragon and command the way he wanted. Dragon’s immense trust on the master and Hiccup’s deep faith on an unknown dragon compelled everyone to change their perceptions and the movie ended when the whole tribe landed up in making dragons as their best pal.

Our fate lives within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it – Brave

animation movies brave

Brave is one of the finest Oscar award winning animation movies, plotted on an impassioned archer and royal princess Merida, who listens to her heart like every young blood. It fits us in the shoes of a teenager and makes us believe that although we are firm and hard, but we love and care for our family. Despite the bitter arguments over right or wrong, parents and kids both need to understand and grow up together for each other. Like any mother, Merida’s mother Queen Elinor also want her daughter to set an example of a true princess following royal etiquettes while the brave Scottish princess is as free as wind and determined as the rising sun. Merida is brave and she realizes her potential to turn wind in her favor. At the end of day, it takes courage to accept our fate and determination to live up to expectations. That is what Merida does to save her mother by fighting with great determination.

Age has no limit to keep up the promise made; all you need a little adventure – Up

animation movies up

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter – Mark Twain

Up is a movie that brings joy and emotion together in a single bundle. It’s about an adventurous journey of Carl (an old man) with Russell (young scout boy), to keep a promise given to his wife Ellie. The movie makes you smile over the innocence of Russell and his love for bird Kevin. It shows the affection and growing emotional bonding between a young boy and an old man. It feels as a mixed roller coaster ride of laughter and sentiments that keeps you hooked on. It’s a true investment of time where love meets promise and cherishes it through a small token of giving near the Paradise Fall.

The movie inspires us for an adventure and makes us feel that there is a joy in growing old together and re-discovering our childhood again with a heart filled with love and promises made to our beloved.

 It’s a pinkie promise – Despicable Me

animation movies despicable me

Keep every promise you make and only make promises you can keep – Anthony Hitt

The movie is about three girls (Margo, Edith, Agnes) and a villain (Gru), who wants to steal moon. A strange combination movie where love meets innocence, adulthood meets childhood. While striving hard to steal moon via a shrink ray Gru meet the girls. Different moods and maturity level tends to turn Gru’s heart and cute little Agnes make him fell for pinkie promise. Movie explains it well that we all have pure heart of a child hidden somewhere; all we need is a bond of love and little trust to reveal it. A slip of ballet dance reminds Gru about the promise he made to little Agnes and he understand how important these three girls are in his life. Viewers’ heart melts seeing the appealing eyes of Agnes, maturity touch of Margo and rebellious attitude of Edith and not to forget the funniest part of little Minions in the movie.

 An innocent heart to love – Monster Inc

animation movies monster inc

Monster Inc reminds us our childhood days when at night we used to stare hundred times to closet or door to make sure there is no shadow around. Funny but very imaginative movie that shows a monster land with a factory that supply power to houses through human child scream. In the movie, monsters sneak into the kids’ room and make them scream for the power supply to run their own world. Like every story, monster incorporation (Inc) has a star James P. Sulliva (Sulley) top scarier, who is always followed by his assistant and close friend Mike Wazowski. The monster’s heart is carried away by the innocence of a little girl whom he called ‘Boo’. Initially panicked with her presence, Sulley and Mike strive hard to get rid of her. Boo’s love for her Kitty (Sulley) and her cuteness make him fight to save her and get her back to home where she belongs to.

Love has no boundaries and sees no physical appearance to tie the knot of togetherness. Despite of huge build up, Boo is very affectionate for her Kitty. Surprisingly at the end, Boo bangs monster Randall to save Sulley. Love and attachment is the spice up agent of this movie, where one cannot miss a single part, as Mike says ‘It works only when you have all the pieces.’


There is no single definition of love, friendship, trust, fate, promises. There are many things to learn from these movies. So watch these wonderful animation movies to let your imagination fly in the sky of hope and absorb their positivity to create your our own definitions to live a happy life.



Image Credits: pixar, howtotrain, lifewall, superb



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