How Angry Birds saved the existence of a startup


Rovio Entertainment, founded in 2003, is an industry-changing entertainment media company and creator of the globally successful Angry Birds franchise.

Angry Birds, in all of its forms, has been downloaded two billion times, and it has become a merchandising phenomenon, birthing a non-games division of Rovio, which is now just as important as its studio.


Rovio spent 8 years working on other games before they finally caught a huge break. That takes dedication. For almost a decade they didn’t have any big wins. Surely they had some small to moderate success, but nothing massive. When Angry Birds came out on the iOS app store sales were pretty slow for the first 3 months. The Rovio guys believed in their product and kept their nose to the grindstone. Through an iterative process they were able to grow Angry Birds into the massive success that it is today.

‘Over night success’ is often idolized in the startup world, but sometimes the glamour is based on myth rather than reality. Show up and work hard each and every day and remember that you’re getting closer. You can’t have a breakout hit if you never show up.

It took Rovio over 50 games to come up with their Angry Birds concept. Hundreds of designs, and three years in development. Lucky break? Sure, but you can’t have a lucky break without failing a few times first.

Angry Birds Story Part 1 HD


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