What made 17-year-old Ananya Saluja set-up libraries for the children in Leh

ananya saluja

For some people, life is all about waking up in the morning, doing regular activities and going back to sleep!! But for some like Ananya Saluja, life is beyond thinking or doing for self; it’s about going a mile extra to bring smiles to other’s faces.

17-year-old Ananya Saluja, a class 11th student, spends her post-exam break teaching underprivileged children in Jammu and Kashmir’s Leh district. Ananya believes that she was the one who learned more than the children she taught.

To us, a tablet is an everyday object. But to these children, who rarely see a computer, a tablet is a little magic screen working without any cord. It took some time to get comfortable with the children, since our culture, environment and the level of exposure to the outer world were completely different. But once we got past that initial unfamiliarity, we found a very special connect beyond all these differences. After returning, I realized that there was a strong bond between us that kept tugging at me, Ananya said.

ananya saluja

Ananya spent her last three summer breaks in Leh. She has also raised more than Rs 10 lakh to build playgrounds and libraries there. It all begun two years ago when Ananya’s school introduced a community service program in its curriculum that requires students to teach underprivileged children. Even though program ended, but Ananya decided to continue with her community service.

I have managed to raise funds for 19 libraries so far. This is an ongoing effort and I hope to raise as much money as I can for my kids in Kashmir.

The regions where Ananya has worked have over 600 hamlets and 1,000 government schools, but with very limited facilities and manpower. That’s when she decided to resort to crowdfunding to help the children.

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