Amy Murphy, the chicken lady is on her mission to feed the hungry souls

amy murphy

Amy Murphy is popularly known as chicken lady, for the funny hat she wears in public every day. But there is a good cause hidden behind this funny chicken hat; it helps her to collect leftovers from the restaurant to feed the homeless.

For Amy Murphy, the hardest part of feeding the homeless was working up the nerve to ask a restaurant for leftovers. She then showed courage to wear a chicken hat in public every day. The people in Greensboro, North Carolina now know Amy as the chicken lady, or the lady in the funny hat. It helps her stand out in the crowd every Monday when she serves a hot meal to the homeless in the town. She has been serving meals to the homeless for years.

Many restaurants have started donating their unsold food now to Amy. The noble cause of Amy Murphy, the chicken lady to feed the thousands of hungry souls by collecting the leftovers, which otherwise would have been wasted, is worth praising.


Image Credit: myfox


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