The Brazilian Amazon will be planted with 73 million trees – Largest ever reforestation project in history


An American nonprofit environmental organization Conservation International (CI) is leading the way for the largest tropical reforestation project in history. It is planning to restore 73 million trees in the Brazilian Amazon by 2023. Spanning about 74,000 acres, the project is the largest tropical forest restoration in the world.

Nearly 20% of the Amazon has been destroyed in over the past 40 years, and scientists worry that another 20% of the rainforest will be lost in the next couple of decades.

The project is the result of a partnership between Conservation International, the Brazilian Ministry of Environment, the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the World Bank, the Brazilian Biodiversity Fund (Funbio) and Rock in Rio’s environmental arm, Amazonia Live.

This is a breathtakingly audacious project. The fate of the Amazon depends on getting this right, as do the region’s 25 million residents, its countless species and the climate of our planet, said M. Sanjayan, CEO of Conservation International.

The Amazon rainforest is the richest biodiversity of any ecosystem on the planet. It has been found out that some 400 new species discovered in the Amazon between 2014 and 2015 alone. But, it is rapidly vanishing with increasing global demand for resources. The trees will sprout up across the priority areas of the restoration like southern Amazonas, Rondônia, Acre, Pará and the Xingu watershed.


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