Born armless and abandoned; he is now Canada’s most sought after motivational speaker – Meet Alvin Law

alvin law

Alvin Law was born in 1960 with no arms. His biological parents put him for adoption. He was raised by loving foster parents Hilda and Jack Law, who not only nurtured him, but taught him to utilize his feet instead of hands. In doing so, they gave him the gift of freedom. They taught him that anything was possible with hard work and a proper attitude. Today, Alvin Law, who was abandoned as an infant, is one of the Canada’s most sought-after inspirational speakers, a musician, bestselling author, and a business owner.

Alvin Law was born without arms as a consequence of his mother’s use of thalidomide while pregnant. He learned to perform all the activities using his feet alone, including eating, dressing and grooming himself, driving, sewing, playing sports, playing drums, piano, and trombone. Unlike other handicapped children, who attend special educational programs, Alvin Law attended regular elementary and high school.

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Alvin embarked on a successful career in radio broadcasting, after his graduation. He started motivational speaking in 1981. Alvin is the subject of two award-winning documentaries. He is the author of the best selling book, Alvin’s Laws of Life: 5 Steps To Successfully Overcome Anything. He has also tried his hands at acting. The most notable role he has played so far, was a preacher in an X-Files episode.

Alvin Law has spoken to over 2,000,000 people on five continents. He was inducted into the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Hall of Fame. Who would say Alvin Law has physical disabilities when he has already excelled, being a renowned speaker, musician, best selling author, business owner and what not! Alvin Law has proved it that his abilities are stronger than his disability.


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