Akshsansh Gupta, young guy with cerebral palsy, received doctorate degree from JNU

akshansh gupta

Born with cerebral palsy, Akshsansh Gupta is 95% disabled!! But, fighting all the adversities and every bitter thing, 32-year-old Akshsansh has recently completed his doctorate from India’s prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in brain and computer interface. He was awarded the doctorate degree at a special convocation in the vice-chancellor’s office recently.

I feel that if you are determined, you can achieve anything. But you have to take the first step, until you do that; you can’t expect the world to support you – Akshsansh Gupta

Akshsansh Gupta was born in Jaunpur, eastern Uttar Pradesh. He is the youngest among his five brothers and sisters. Being the youngest he was loved and pampered by all. Akshsansh mother was his biggest strength, who always wanted him to study. But, young Akshsansh was not ready to face the society. He would even take a different route to skip school.

Cerebral palsy severely limits his movements and speech capability. He cannot walk, operate his own wheelchair or even feed himself. Other than his mother and family, care taker Mahajan played a major role in Akshsansh life. A page in his PhD thesis says, ‘Dedicated to late mother, father and Mahajan.’ Akshsansh Gupta has written his thesis on ‘Brain Computer Interface’. He even presented a paper on it in Malaysia.

My tutor always encouraged me to think differently. Once while watching television with the remote was in my hand, I started wondering if I could transmit messages to the television directly without the help of a remote. Then I started reading about it.

In his thesis, Akshansh tried to come up with a solution for a larger problem that faces people with disabilities. According to him, technology based on this idea, if made available and accessible, it will aid disabled people in their pursuit of higher education. Even after having so many physical constraints, Akshansh likes to be self-dependent. He even typed his entire thesis himself. Adding more to it, Akshansh completed his PhD in four-and-a-half years, despite the limitations of living with cerebral palsy.


Image Credit: thequint


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