Akrit Jaswal became the world’s youngest surgeon at the age of 7, when he successfully operated on an 8 year old girl

Akrit Jaswal

Akrit Jaswal had a reputation for being a medical genius in his region. He had successfully operated on an eight year old girl and freed her fingers, when she was burned and her fingers fused together. One must be wondering what the specialty of this surgeon is!! Akrit Jaswal is unique because he was just 7 years old when he successfully operated on that 8 year old girl.

Akrit Jaswal was walking and talking by the time he was 10 months old. He started reading and writing by the age of two. Even, he was reading Shakespeare, in English by the time he was five. Akrit has been shown to have an I.Q. of 146, the highest I.Q. of any boy of his age in India.

Akrit Jaswal is already talking about his theories for oral gene therapy in the fight against cancer. Akrit Jaswal has been sponsored and mentored by Mr B. R. Rahi the Chairman of Secondary Education in Dharamshala. By the age of 12, Akrit was studying for a science degree at Chandigarh College. He is the youngest student ever accepted by an Indian University.



Akrit’s keenness to find a cure for cancer brought him worldwide attention and admiration. The ‘Firecracker Films’ that investigated the story about Akrit invited him to London and meet leading medical researchers. They also asked ‘Team Focus’, an organization to assess the intelligence of the 12 year old boy. The team said that Akrit was exceptional in verbal and numeracy tests, but his practical tests were poor, especially in pattern matching.

This young genius from India was even appeared on the Oprah Show, featured as little genius. Akrit Jaswal is indeed an exceptional medical marvel, who is continuously focusing on his dream to find a cure for cancer.


Image Credit: starwination


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