This man from varanasi adopted a prostitute’s kids at the age of 18 and so far rehabilitated thousands of sex workers

ajeet singh

Today, I can say Varanasi is almost free from child prostitution, Ajeet Singh.

Back in 1988, Ajeet Singh once attended a wedding in his home town near Varanasi. It was there where he saw a nautch girl performing at the wedding. It was typically a disturbing moment for Ajeet. He was only 18 then, but he decided that he would do something to free girls like her from such a profession.

“The way people were looking at her and treating her was something that shocked and deeply saddened me. It was then and there that I decided to do something to free girls like her from such a profession”, says Ajeet Singh.

After the performance was over, Ajeet approached the girl and asked, if he could take care of her children and give them an opportunity to study and lead a better life. It wasn’t easy at all for an 18 year old boy to take such a big decision. But, Ajeet went ahead and started teaching the children in his spare time in order to take them out from the dark streets on which their mother was living.

Of course, my decision was not welcomed by my family or society. I faced huge opposition from everyone. But this is what I wanted to do.

Ajeet started visiting the red light areas of Varanasi to teach the children of the women who worked there. He realized that the problem was much more complex than he had ever thought. In 1993, Ajeet Singh founded an organization called ‘Guria’ to fight against the sexual exploitation of girls, especially minors. With the help of volunteers, he raided the Shivdaspur red light area of Varanasi. They managed to rescue 15 girls in a single day. For his efforts, over 1000 girls have been rescued so far. The rescued girls are sent to government shelters and homes. They are sent back to their parents after counselling.


Ajeet started taking legal action against the sex traffickers. Through his organization, Guria, Ajeet Singh has filed about 1,400 cases against traffickers and has even landed many of them in jail. Ajeet Singh’s organization, Guria also helps in rehabilitating the rescued girls. It teaches them various skills so that they can switch to other professions. Ajeet Singh is the recipient of the CNN IBN Real Heroes award, 2011. He was also named Asian of the Year by the News Asia Channel in Singapore in 2010.

“I have been attacked so many times and given death threats. Even my family did not support me. A lot of people raised questions about my work, but I was determined to save the lives of these girls”, says Ajeet Singh.

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