African pouched rats sniff out explosives, helping to save thousand of lives

African pouched rats

God has created everything with a purpose. Every living organism has certain objectives to fulfill; no matter, whether we can see the purpose of its existence or not. No one would ever imagine that rats can even save lives! But the fact is, African pouched rats are actually saving lives across the countries like Tanzania and Mozambique. Everyone’s least favorite rats are helping to save thousands of lives by sniffing out explosives.

The rodent has been tasked with cleaning up the lethal leftovers of war. These rats have been trained to save lives by sniffing out the scent of explosives. APOPO is the group responsible for training the rodents. In English, APOPO means Anti-Personnel Landmines Detection Product Development.

These African pouched rats are taught to identify explosives and then alert their handler. These rats may be small in size, but they’re highly intelligent and have a keen sense of smell. These rats can clear two hundred square meters in just 20 minutes, whereas, it would take five days to cover the same area for the humans with metal detectors.

Since 2000, these African pouched rats have detected over 9,000 buried land mines and bombs all across Tanzania and Mozambique. They’ve also found thousands of small arms and ammunition stashed in the ground. These rats have saved thousands of lives so far, and the best part is, not a single rat has been killed in the service. Compared to many other living creatures, these African pouched rats may be small in their sizes, but their high level of intelligence makes them capable of saving thousand of lives.


Image Credit: blinkfacts


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