10000 homeless people, orphans and 1000 zoo animals in India’s youngest single parent Aditya Tiwari’s wedding

aditya tiwari

The big fat Indian weddings are known to the world. Indian weddings are lengthy and expensive too. Here comes a marriage which we can definitely refer as a big fat Indian wedding, but this one is totally different from other conventional weddings. It is a unique marriage ceremony of Aditya Tiwari, the man who came into the limelight recently for becoming India’s youngest single parent. Aditya has defied the common stereotypes prevalent in our society regarding marriages. The 28-year-old software engineer is tying the knot with a girl from Indore and will have a very unique marriage ceremony.

The marriage ceremony will be held on 16th July 2016, where breakfast lunch and dinner will be provided to around 10,000 homeless people and children from orphanages, and 1,000 stray and zoo animals. To mark the occasion, books, clothes and medicines will be provided to the needy. Aditya Tiwari didn’t even overlook the environmental factor. He has already planted 100 saplings across the city. Aditya also plans to build 100 girls toilets within a year.

aditya tiwari

I want to celebrate the happiest day of my life with the people who never get any invitations, like children from orphanage, homeless and poor people, says Aditya Tiwari.

Ever since Binney has become a part of his life, Aditya’s life has become more beautiful, as he says so. Aditya had to fight a hard battle to adopt Binney, who suffers from Down’s syndrome and has a hole in his heart. Aditya will launch a support group for Down syndrome to create awareness about the disease, which will be first in the state. It will help Down syndrome children as well as the parents of the same. It will also provide counseling, treatment, education at minimum cost. He will adopt a tiger on the name of Binney, at the Indore zoo. He will also will build shelter homes for abandoned animals like cow, buffalo etc.

aditya tiwari

The invitation cards were printed in Sanskrit. Aditya is totally against of riding on animals and marriage processions, which creates a lot of noise pollution, air pollution and traffic jams. The noteworthy point here is – apart from his immediate family members, no one has been invited to the marriage. The philanthropic idea of Aditya Tiwari has set a new trend, that replaces the typical extravagant Indian wedding rituals.

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