Defying Down’s syndrome, Aditi Verma is successfully running a cafe at Navi Mumbai

Aditi Verma

23 year old Aditi Verma believes hard working is the key to lead a good life, but she knows no one can work empty stomach!! Inspired by the very thought, Aditi, who was born with Down’s Syndrome, decided to gear up her life and started her own cafe in Navi Mumbai, which is now running successfully.

Her café ‘Aditi’s corner’ serves everything from chocolates and cupcakes to delicious home cooked meals. She welcomes her customers with a bright smile on her face. Her café serves 75-80 meals every day.

Aditi always had a knack for cooking. Sometimes, she used to watch videos on YouTube and prepare dishes. So my husband, cousin and I decided to do help her realize her dream, said Aditi’s mother.

Aditi manages everything at the café. From client calling to make dishes, from accounts to managing the orders, she does everything by herself. Aditi works eight hours daily.

Aditi’s parents have been extremely supportive throughout her journey. They wanted her to interact with people and make new friends, so they helped her setting up this café. Now, she is not only making new friends but also motivating the parents of special children like her to let them experience life the way they want to.

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