Physical therapy students and engineers customize hi-tech toys for the physically challenged kids

adaptive toy project

There are dolls specially modeled for the children with disabilities; but they are certainly can’t be used by the children with severe disabilities. That’s why a team of University of North Florida started the Adaptive Toy Project to meet the needs of children whose physical limitations often create a barrier to playing with standard toys.

Physical therapy students and engineers were put together in a laboratory so that they can recreate and adapt regularly manufactured toys to suit the needs of special needs children. The program gave students valuable experience and inspiration.

Toys are designed as per the needs of the physically challenged kids. A kid with cerebral palsy might not be able to open their hands and grab a toy car’s steering wheel, an ATP worker rewired the circuity so it could be steered by a push button. They also replaced the seat with a safer foam-padded strap-in chair.

Though these toys cost a few thousands of dollars, 18 families have already received them for free.

Watch the demonstration video below –

UNF Adaptive Toy Project – Fall 14' Group 1 Demonstration

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