An activist, environmentalist, conservationist – Rakesh Soud has dedicated his life for wild life conservation


Till date, lots of research work and study have been done on wildlife conservation and environmental issues. But there are very few individuals who believe in going deep inside the forest and handle the real issues of wildlife preservation. Such a personality is Rakesh Soud, who is an Activist, Environmentalist, Conservationist,  Research Scholar and Photographer from Bongaigaon, Assam. Rakesh firmly believes that only research work does not fulfill the purpose and hence, he has been working on these vital issues by going into the depth of the problems and understanding the issues. He has dedicated his entire life for the cause of environment and wild life protection.

His passion of working for environmental issues dates back to his college days where he got the opportunity to explore the various forests of Assam as a part of his study. In the year 2001, with a firm determination and dedication he started working with two NGOs –  Aaranyak and Nature’s Fosters for  wild life conservation and issues related to human-animal conflict.

It was during those days that he met Mr. Soumyadweep Dutta from Nature’s Beckon, his writings encouraged and enlightened Rakesh’s perspective which paved a way for his future endeavors on environmental activism. He got actively associated with Nature’s Beckon and focused his work with a firm understanding of wildlife, society and politics.  He further ventured into Barail Range and forest reserves in southern Assam and also into most of the forests areas in the Brahmaputra Valley. He continued with his environmental activism by raising voice against illegal Rhino poaching, encroachment by immigrants in Kaziranga, issues of identity conflict faced by traditional communities of Assam and more specifically on the rights of natural resources.


Rakesh later joined the renowned Pigmy Hog Conservation Programme and WWF-India. During this period he did extensive work in the Assam-Arunachal Border specifically with Manas TR, Orang NP, Nameri NP and Sonai Rupai WLS, from West Arunachal Kameng area to Tawang on conservation of Pigmy Hogs, Elephants, Red panda and various birds distributed to these areas.

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2 Responses

  1. Lurlene says:

    Thanks a million and please carry on the rewarding work.

  2. Mitrajit Deb says:

    Great article and all very best to our very own local grown activist, Rakesh ka….
    You have inspired us all and you will inspire many in the coming generation. Being from the same university where u studied i always felt good and encouraging. Dada, there is lot to do and we are always there for you. Stay blessed.
    Mitrajit Deb