Kids celebrated birthday by making sandwiches for a homeless shelter

act of kindness

A brother and sister duo recently celebrated their birthday by making 900 sandwiches for a homeless shelter. Quinn Mitchell, who celebrated her 10th birthday in early October and Nathan, who will turn 13 in December, was inspired by a volunteer organization called pay it forward…together, founded by the siblings’ neighbor Carol Darmetko, that helps children and families in need.

They wanted to do something kind, so decided to go without birthday gifts this year and instead took the help from their friends to make sandwiches. They had a joint party for over 100 friends. They played games, participated in contests and made bologna sandwiches for a homeless shelter near their home in Menands, New York.

I saw that I had a lot of stuff at home, and I have a good family. So I decided to make sandwiches and give them to the homeless shelter, said, Quinn.

At the shelter, everyone loved the sandwiches made by the brother and sister. Now, the family hopes they can inspire others to pay it forward with similar acts of kindness.


Image Credit: teachmama


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