Access Earth – An app to help people with disability to find accessible locations around the globe


Everyone’s definition of accessibility is different and that is what Access Earth aims to address. It’s not necessarily about disability it’s about accessibility.

Though mankind has come a long way as being a part of a developed society, yet there are possibilities of further development or growth in some certain areas. Such an area which most of us have overlooked is easy accessibility of physically challenged people. There are still many places where there is a lack of accessibility for physically challenged people. In order to make it easy for the physically challenged people, McCann, a software engineer has developed an app called Access Earth, that allows people with mobility disabilities to find and rate restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions around the world based on how accessible they are.

By allowing users to have a voice on this topic, we hope that this will further push the issue of accessibility and help improve standards across the globe, said Matt McCann.

The idea to develop such an app stirred up McCann’s mind, who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, when he ended up having stairs after booking a wheelchair accessible hotel.

When I arrived, there were three steps up to the entrance and I couldn’t even fit my rolling walker in the hotel room, McCann said.

He developed the app with the help of KC Grant and Jack Gallagher, which entered into Imagine Cup in 2014, a Microsoft technology competition in which it won third place in the World Citizenship category.

According to Ryan O’Neill, McCann’s business partner a website will be available next month and full app can be downloaded to phone very soon. As of now, the app will only focus on accessibility for people with mobility disabilities. But McCann said that they are looking forward to add sensory and cognitive disability criteria in the future, once the platform gains the grip.


Image Credit: splento


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