Abhishek Singha’s ‘White Revolution’ campaign on sanitary napkins is changing the lives of many girls from remote areas of Assam

Abhishek Boney Singha

Abhishek Boney Singha is one among those who always thinks about giving back to the society. Born and brought up in Golaghat, Assam, Abhishek formed ALL & SUNDRY in 2012, a nonprofit voluntary organization that organizes and engages youngsters and socially aware individuals and spearheads multiple social projects to make meaningful and empathetic interventions in the targeted areas of hunger, education and menstrual hygiene awareness.

Abhishek has initiated many projects for the needy children from the tea garden areas and border conflict zones. One of such projects is – ‘All they need is LOVE’, which received an overwhelming response. Last year, Abhishek launched another campaign called ‘The White Revolution: A Sanitary Pad Bank for the Needy Ones’ in support of the menstrual hygiene.

The White Revolution is the first sanitary pad bank in Assam. It is especially for those who are from the tea garden areas and remote areas. About 23 % of girls in India drop out of schools when they start menstruating due to lack of access of menstrual hygiene products. This in turn drives up probability of child marriage. Use of unhygienic products also leads to related illness. Social taboos around menstruation also hinder healthy conversation.

According to 2015-2016 National Family Health Survey, 57.6% of Indian menstruating women use sanitary napkins. The rest, a majority of whom reside in rural areas, often use clothes and cloth pads (reusable) for the purpose. Many even bleed freely, without using supportive apparatus, said Abhishek Boney Singha.

Abhishek Boney Singha

Many institutions have come forward to support his  ‘The White Revolution’ campaign. The Assam Valley School is his partner for this goodwill campaign. Apart from distributing sanitary pads, several awareness programs on suitable menstruation have also been conducted by the organization.

Abhishek Boney Singha has been awarded with appreciation letters from the Prime Minister’s Office in 2015, Prime Minister’s House in 2016, Embassy of India in Bangkok in 2014, American Center to India in 2012, Hon’ble Governors of Assam in 2016 and 2017 respectively and from Alka Lamba’s Go India Foundation in 2013 for his exemplary social contributions. Recently, Abhishek has also received appreciations from the NEERJA BHANOT PAN AM TRUST for his white revolution campaign. Even though Abhishek has single-handedly initiated this venture, but now his campaign has reached out to the thousands of people living across Assam, gathering followers steadily on the way.


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