Anti bribery efforts of this govt employee in Kerala is the best thing to read on internet today

abdul saleem

Abdul Saleem, an employee of the Angadipuram Panchayat office, Kerala always welcome visitors with a smiling face. Not only this, this employee has taken a unique stand against bribery, for which he is being applauded on social media.

42 years old Saleem has a prominent notice written on his table that declares his opposition to bribery. The notice in Malayalam reads –The government pays me Rs. 811 a day (Rs. 24,340 a month) to serve you. If you are not happy with my service, please tell me about it.

This notice has been there on Sallem’s table since 2014. He also updates his salary whenever it changes. Everyone who comes to his office can’t miss to look at this notice. This notice went viral when a visitor posted it on social media.

Service is the essence of any government job. People coming to us for different things should not return empty-handed. They should return satisfied, says Mr. Abdul Saleem.

Even though he suffers from 40 % polio disability, that does not deter the honest officer from making field trips. Saleem reaches out to people and makes them aware of their rights. Abdul Saleem has created a positive impact on his other colleagues and also on the villagers coming to the office.

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