Aaron Fotheringham’s wheelchair backflip will give you goosebumps

aaron fotheringham

Aaron Fotheringham was born with spina bifida. Aaron has been in the wheelchair since childhood. But, he never felt that he is physically challenged and probably that’s why he could earn a place in Guinness World Records for his back flip.

Spina bifida is a developmental birth defect caused by the incomplete closure of the embryonic neural tube. The effect on the newly born baby depends on the gravity of the spinal chord injury. In Aaron’s case, his hips are too shallow for his legs to stay in their hip sockets.

Aaron Fotheringham is pioneering this sport which he calls ‘hardcore sitting’. Aaron doesn’t use a skateboard or BMX bike to do his tricks. He sticks a perfect four-wheeled landing with his highly robust wheelchair.

Despite his challenging diagnosis, his adoptive parents, Steve and Kaylene Fotheringham always encouraged him to do anything he wanted. Aaron’s elder brother Brian would spend most of his free time at the Pro park, a popular skater venue in Las Vegas and Aaron used to accompany him. One day, Brian and his friends encouraged Aron to roll down a shallow ramp. It was a scary first ride; Aaron crashed hands first. But soon, he was hooked. Six months later, after endless sessions of hard trying and training, he accomplished his first trick – lifting up one of the back wheels while traversing a bump, which he now describes as ‘lame’.

aaron fotheringham

The more I rode, the better I became, though I have to admit that the process involved falling in every way possible, says Aaron.

He always wore a full face helmet and never attempted tricks he didn’t think he was ready to master. In 2006, Aaron did his first back flip. After his high school diploma, he spent most of his time in the skate park and would sometimes train up to ten hours. On 24th March 2010, Aaron Fotheringham set the Guinness World Record for the highest ramp jump on a wheelchair, which was 60 cm.

In 2010, Aaron joined the Nitro Circus Live tour, an action sports road show that tours Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United States. On the tour Aaron performed on a fifty-foot ramp-to-ramp jump doing backflips, double backflip attempts and on February 9, 2011 in New Zealand, the world’s first wheelchair frontflip.

Aron got an instant fame when he posted his tricks in Facebook, which was followed by two interviews at CNN, and that was enough to make Aaron a world-wide known sports figure.

Watch the awesome journey of Aaron Fotheringham in this below video –

Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham — The Story


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